Toolbox: Only BasePart objects should change the camera's position when inserted

Currently, when clicking to insert any non-BasePart objects through the Model sections of the Toolbox, the camera’s position gets reset to the origin. This is problematic because it can disrupt my workflow massively by putting my camera thousands of studs away from where I was previously.

In this video, I insert a couple of scripts which both reset my position to the origin:

The Toolbox plugin currently creates a Model instance to use the GetBoundingBox function and deletes it after, however, because of the behaviour of GetBoundingBox it sets it to the origin.


The expected behaviour would be to only use GetBoundingBox when a BasePart is found, meaning that if I inserted something which was only a Model with no BaseParts inside or a ModuleScript the camera wouldn’t reset.

This happens 100% of the time for any non-BasePart objects that aren’t a Sky or Atmosphere (which get properly inserted into lighting) since the release of the Lua Toolbox.

The easiest workaround is just dragging the object from the Toolbox into the Workspace, but it’s often easy to forget to do that and not very useful for me.


Acknowledged. Thank you for bringing this up!


This is fixed and only inserting BasePart objects changes the camera now. Appreciate the thorough fix!

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