Toolbox search lower than usual

Ok I tried to put this on Bug Reports > Studio Bugs but the category wasn’t found when I was searching for it :confused:

So I hopped on studio and went to search for a Clothes changer.
However, the searching took way longer than the usual time (Normally a few seconds - instant)
In the picture below, the search result basically timed out and stopped. This is a re-occurring issue I’m currently facing.

This annoying loading thing.

Even this is timing out for me (help)

I was wondering if this is also happening for anyone else?
So far I’ve tried these things:

Re-starting Studio
Re-Connecting to my Wi-Fi (Assuming it was a Wi-Fi issue)

Same thing happened to me. Every time I look something it either takes a long time or doesn’t show up.

here’s the answer of how to fix the issue: contact @Bug-Support

You should reset studio settings, i think that might work, but its most likely a internet issue

The Toolbox has been broken ever since 2022.

Just use the creator marketplace at this point.