Toolbox unusable after Roblox deletes Model assets

So, recently I contacted Roblox with a huge list of Models I would like deleted and so they did. I was fine with all of it had a few problems occur.

The majority of the deleted assets I can’t delete from my own inventory so they are permanent even tho’ the ownership was transferred to some weird account. How this affected my studio is causing it to spam errors regarding the Toolbox. I can’t switch tabs between Marketplace, Inventory, and Recent.

Also all the models that were supposedly removed I have full access to in Studio meaning they were never truly deleted.

Ever since my models were deleted they caused nothing but problems.

Errors: 16:45:41.609 - 16:45:41.609 - Check the component "Toolbox" to see if setState -
Me Attempting to Switch Tabs:

On Windows 10.

So, in my inventory the majority of models(deleted/content deleted) I can’t remove from my inventory and which seems to be the cause of my Toolbox problems. Not only that I can’t delete them they don’t seem deleted at all since the original contents still exist in the Toolbox.

Right now I am forced to use a alt account just to be able to use it properly.

Edit: The problem seems to have resolved itself after a update.
But there is still the problem of me not being able to delete the deleted assets from my own inventory. I know this isn’t the right forum for this update but I will be making a post there.