Tools and Durability

Hello, I am currently designing a survival game and am trying to gather some information on tool. (Pickaxes, Axes, Bows, etc.)

The subject of though is durability: How do you think it should be handled?

Here are some examples that I will go off of:↓
In Minecraft, your tools are given durability, and when that durability reaches 0, the tool is destroyed. (Yes, you can repair tools, but the focus is on the ability for almost any tool to be destroyed be using it)

In the Roblox game Booga Booga (Some fun was had in previous days), your tools were invincible (provided you did not die or throw them off the world.) so you would never have to worry about repairing those tools.

A third though comes to mind. A modification for Minecraft, Tinkers Construct, took an approach in which when a tool ran out of durability, it was not destroyed but instead put into a broken state. You could bring the tool out of the broken state with a repair kit.

The question I have come to ask is what do you think about these options? (Thoughts, opinions, deep philosophical questions such as “if you repair a tool to the point in which every part has been replaced, is it even the same tool” if you want)
If you where playing a game, how would you like your tools durability to behave?

Even just a vote on the provided poll would be greatly apricated.
(Or if you want to enlighten others who would visit this post with different ideas from the ones presented here, please do so)

  • My tools should never break!
  • Tools should have durability, and be destroyed when that durability runs out.
  • Tools should have durability, but should be able to be repaired.

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Thank you to anyone who voted! I will use this input in the future.

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You should make it more advanced and make it so that when using the tool with certain materials like an iron axe against weak wood, durability will not go down, but an axe against stone would break the axe very quickly.

Yeah, using high quality tools for the right things should make the damage go down way slower. I’ve used an axe multiple times on tree logs and there’s barely even a dent in that thing.

This happens in Minecraft, if you use a Pickaxe to fight it’s gonna take away 2 durability instead of the usual 1 (on Bedrock Edition)

For the answer:
It depends on the type of Survival Game, for the 3rd example, Subnautica, your tools never break unless you destroy them/die, instead you have to put batteries in them, which makes it a good system, I personally like Minecraft’s way, maybe you could do something like that if you use things on the wrong material they’ll get depleted faster and they have to be repaired, maybe after that you can keep using them for a lower effect, and after using it too much it’s gonna break and get lost

But the choice is yours in the end