Tools for Roblox Premium players

I’m trying to make a script where a premium player spawns with a tool located in lighting… only issue is I’m a new builder and not to familiar with cloning, and the new premium player scripts.

If you can help, thanks!

local Players = game:GetService("Players")

	if Player.MembershipType == Enum.MembershipType.Premium then
		local Clone = game:GetService("Lighting").ToolNameHere:Clone()
		Clone.Parent = Player.Backpack
		--// Clone to player's starting backpack (not all players)

I left space for you to complete the rest of it as it’s best if you experiment with it, rather than being given the full code. :slight_smile:


I recommend not using lighting as a storage, compared using something like ReplicatedStorage or ServerStorage.

ReplicatedStorage and ServerStorage are Storages, were lighting is used for skyboxes and lighting effects.

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I mean as far as I know, there’s no defining reasons not to use Lighting. It used to be the main way of storing items but shouldn’t be used now; in favour of the widely-used storage containers. However, to maintain clarity, it’s better to keep to the actual storages.

Remember though- ServerStorage is visible from the server only.


While i can’t figure out how to use it this script is getting me closer to my goal so i will mark it as a solution.

I can’t believe this hasn’t be addressed yet:

You cannot use “LocalPlayer” in a normal script. Add “Player” inside of function, like so:

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Now that you’ve bumped the post, I must add that Lighting is not to be used for storage because ServerStorage and ReplicatedStorage exist and are much better alternatives.

I’ll just add some reasons why exactly the alternatives are better suited for this


Yes, this post was to add some reasons for others, why it isn’t

Prior to the introduction of ServerStorage and ReplicatedStorage lighting was used for storage. This behavior is not supported and should not be used in new work

I never specified that using Lighting was recommended, I only stated that using it had no major issues.

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Sorry, back then I could not script worth a damn, thanks for helping.