Tools Invisible When Equip

So i have this system that equips tools using Humanoid:EquipTool(), It works like this
i put pastebin because i dont know how the code text thing works, so if i equip the tool with startertools, it works fine, but if i use this code and fire the server to equip the tool, it plays the animation but the tool is invisible, transperancy is always set to 0 and i have the tools located in replicated storage.

I need a bit more context could you maybe tell me where you put this script and whether it is a local or server script?

Local script gets inserted into player backpack, the server script is in serverscript service

Maybe try saying instead of
and use
because I’m assuming this is on a local script.

what happens on a local script, calling the event?

Are any of the parts called Handle? If not, that’s your problem right there.

Maybe you could put a local script in starterpack that detects when the play has equipped the tool and make it fire the EquipEvent to the server by saying:


And then, put a script in serverscriptservice saying:

       -- script whatever you want here like playing the animation for example:
       local animation = -- put your animation here
       local animate = humanoid:LoadAnimation(animation)

Nope, all parts have a handle and have a working weld script, because i can equip them manually, just not by script

No, i dont want to use starterpack, i want the player to equip the tool through code because im making an fps game so when theres the viewmodel theres the tool, i want to equip the tool through script, not through starterpack

Oh sorry, I misunderstood what you said.
Maybe try having a local script in starterPlayerScripts and using UserInputService or ContextActionService to make it so that when you press a specific key on the keyboard you fire the EquipEvent to the server. In a serverscriptservice you can put a server script that detects when the event is fired and make the character equip the tool there.

I have a function in my code which calls the event, the function is called when the player uses scrollwheel so the player can switch guns it still doesnt work though. everything works fine and if i put a print() in the server it prints its just the tool is invisible and i dont know why

Sorry, but at that point I don’t know how to help you. : (

i do not know how to help fix ur isue ,but u can post ur code by doing this

–code gos here


remove the curv line things from the three dots, the dots are from the key left of number 1 at top of key bord (i do not know what its called) also u do not need to add space between the codeblock and the three dots just press enter, i only did that cos it would be a single line if it wasnt

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Is the tool a mesh part or a handle if its a mesh I would rejoin studio but if its a part check the transparency on the part

Please send your event listener. I cant do much without having the source code.

Pastebin is used for code length purposes.

yesi know but op said he did not know how to so i show him how plus it is 8 lines so i teach him (?