Tools just randomly disappeared?

So when I equip my tool it just randomly disappear. I don’t think this is my script bug but maybe its a studio bug…

So i use Local script → Server script to make a motor6d that links to the character (R6 rig btw)

and this is the local script:

	EventsFold:WaitForChild("ToolEvents"):FireServer(char, tool) -- This is the event part that sends to the serverscript
-- Ignore this part below.
	local animation ="Animation", script)
	animation.AnimationId = "rbxassetid://14970380585"
	if humanoid then

And this is the server script:

EventsFold:WaitForChild("ToolEvents").OnServerEvent:Connect(function(char, tool)
	if char then
		local new6d ="Motor6D", char:WaitForChild("Torso"))
		new6d.Name = "ToolWeld"
		new6d.Part0 = char:WaitForChild("Torso")
		new6d.Part1 = tool.PrimaryPart -- i already set the tool primary part

so this is an image.

can anyone help? or this is like studio bug?

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OnServerEvent first parameter is always going to be the player who fired it, so you would have to add it. “player, char, tool”

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Let me check.
And i got logged out. Damn…

Didn’t work. Even if i have double checked it

I don’t know, but I’d suggest to not send over the tool, but the tool name and then find the tool on the backpack or something.

That will get too complicated???