Tools no longer fire Activated

The Activated event no longer fires under any circumstances. This applies to all games since earlier today. It doesn’t work in games, test solo, or in test servers.

The repro is simple, you can even use the code provided by the wiki article on .Activated.

local tool ="Tool")
tool.Parent = game.Players.Arch_Mage.Backpack
function onActivation()
    print("Tool activated")

Nothing shows up in the console, not even an error.

Hopefully this can be looked into and fixed quickly, as it is preventing tool usage in many games.


Can confirm this in my game (!/about)

It has drastically reduced my player count as my game is entirely based around gear, and now none of them are working.

Average visit times our down, and my players are getting mad, hoping for a quick fix!

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This was caused by an experimental change earlier today, it should be fixed now. Sorry for the disruption!


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