Tools randomly being removed from player in studio test servers

Course, right after this decided to happen, players in game have found a bug that breaks guns. Not super easy to fix when I can’t test the guns in the first place :confused:

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Added “robloxcritical”. This has gotta be fixed, pronto.

This isn’t critical.

It’s pretty critical. I cannot test my game. Neither can most of the people who have replied here. There are sure to be tons of people who haven’t posted here who are having the same problem.

It’s a bad issue, but it’s a bad issue that there’s already a temporary solution for.

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It’s not a crash, not a loss of data, not something that prevents all players from connecting to the game, and also not an exploit that causes one or more of the above. So unfortunately this does not qualify as roblox critical.


My bad. I didn’t think about the fact that my game would still run without filtering enabled. Removed from the title.

If there wasnt a temporary fix, would it really not count as a robloxcritical though?

(Guess not after reading it in whole. Thanks buildthomas for the clarification!)

Having to disable FE on your production game is pretty bad – being able to disable FE isn’t what makes it not ROBLOXCRITICAL. It’s because this only happens in Studio and doesn’t affect players in-game.

Regardless of temporary fixes, a bug is ROBLOXCRITICAL when it’s substantially affecting player count in multiple large games.


I have a whole week off of school and I can’t contribute my time to developing because the of this terrible bug. We’ve been complaining for 5 days and this issue still hasn’t even been glanced at. Roblox needs to fix this asap.

Temporarily, turn FE off while testing. That’s the temporary fix.

Not for everybody, a lot of developers create games in a way that relies on separation of server and client. For those developers the only way around this is to playtest through the website if they need to use tools.

My game relies on FE, turning it off will break the entire game.


Didn’t notice it’s in test servers. My mistake.

Roblox drops a studio update and forgets to fix this problem. All my excitement is lost

This issue is on our list as a high-priority item, but fixes sometimes take awhile.


Knowing it’s high priority is enough for me ^.^


Thank you so much for confirming this. Gives me closure knowing you guys are aware of the issue.

I’m working on a big update and this bug is still slowing things down big time for me

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Figured out what’s actually happening. In my game’s test servers, ANY tools picked up/given/from StarterGear will spawn at (0, 0, 0), completely unmoved. Then they’ll disappear.

Pinging @Silent137 because this may help to solve the actual issue.

This bug is holding back development of one of my games. Please Fix