Top-Rated Games should factor the amount of players who have played the game

Top-Rated games are currently based on number of likes not the percentage of likes to players.

As A Roblox Developer, it is currently hard to…

Top-Rated is A section of Roblox with high like ratings usually with ratings of above 85%.
These are supposed to be good quality games but even with 98 percent likes only 0.01 percent of players who played liked the game.

As A developer it is hard to gauge if your game is Top-Rated based on the fact 20 percent of people who played may have liked but it is less popular or A lesser like percentage.

For example:
The percentage of likes per visit on Roblox Top Rated Ranges from 2 percent or 1 in 50 people to
0.06 percent or 3 in 5000 people like the game.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my developer experience because…

As A developer on Roblox…
I would be able to see the games, which like ratings accurately reflect likes per player instead of fewest dislikes.
Smaller games would have A category where they can be “Top-Rated” allowing Games to Progress.

Games on the Top-Rated section should:
Be based on likes per visit instead of likes per dislike as this does not accurately represent opinions

I hope this request was in depth and well thought out enough to be considered. :smiley: