Top Rated sort is missing on website

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The Top Rated sort, previously the 2nd sort, is now missing. The sort appears for a split second then is removed.

The entire top rated sort appears to be inaccessible

This bug happens every-time, I tried on two different browsers.

This is happening on the main site (www)

This bug started happening the night of Tuesday March 5th


I can reproduce this on the website as well. The iOS mobile app seems to be unaffected.

Edit: This appears to be hidden on Xbox too.

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I noticed this about 5 hours ago on PC, I’m shocked nobody pointed this out until now lol.

Was able to reproduce this bug on:

Mac version of Chrome and on Safari

I wonder why the top rated sort is a bug.

I was able to reproduce this on the mobile website too. I’m using IOS with stock Safari:

Thanks for the report in regards to the disappearance of the Top Rated sort. This change is currently being investigated by engineering teams, we will follow up once we find out more info.

Update: Issue has been fixed! :slight_smile:


It’s been fixed since the OP

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