Top results game got moved down hundreds of results after updating

We released a tycoon on Saturday and it has done fairly well, averaging over 50+ concurrent players all the time. We have 88% likes. We were sitting within the first page of results when you search “Tycoon” in experiences. We have updated multiple times before but last night was the first time where we ran an update where we changed our icon for the game as well as changing [NEW] in the name to [UPDATE]. We migrated the update to the servers and then realized immediately after that our game had gotten moved down the list of tycoons by hundreds of games. It is currently sitting extremely far down with a bunch of games that have 0 players and 20% likes while we are continuing at 50+ players and 88% likes. Does anyone know how to fix this or if we did something wrong? I’m not really sure how the Roblox algorithm works but it doesn’t seem too friendly towards our game.

I think your best bet is just to wait and see what happens

I’ve had this before. Its your icon. When my icon was blocked, my game didn’t appear until a minute of scrolling. Now, with an update and icon that stands out, it got back up to the 8th slot.

Also, the longer your experience is on ROBLOX and the more visits it has, the more likely and stable your game will become. This means it won’t move up/down a-lot when searching for the keyword.

My icon definitely shows to people. I know for a fact it isn’t blocked. I will update it again later just in case. I’m pretty sure I can get away with making a tiny change to it and it should be fine. Thanks for the tip though. I will definitely keep an eye on it

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