Top Sports Apparel Brand Potential Partnership


Hey Developers,

We are excited to announce that we are finalizing a contract with a Top Sports Apparel Brand to make a custom experience!

We have been working with this brand on what the potential partnership would entail, and these are the main design elements:

  • Competition against the great guardians of the sky
  • Each guardian has unique challenges that involve flying through obstacle courses that force the player’s avatar to change shapes

We are looking for a team or individuals who specialize in (and not limited to)

  • Morphing the player’s avatar
  • Flying mechanics
  • Animations
  • Music

Apply Here - Deadline is November 13th

Permission from RickytheFishy

Developer Relations


I’m not going to be applying for this, but this sounds like an interesting concept. A sports apparel brand wants to bring their brand to the Roblox experience? Much less, the details - great guardians, flying and morphing… real crafty sponsorship, but sounds intriguing.

Good luck to applicants.


Sounds interesting, I’ve applied.


Sounds cool, but I can’t apply right now. I do wonder what brand though.


Well I do like making things fly.

Edit: Applied. I have no idea what the time commitment would look like, but I might as well apply, right?


If you got free time you should apply. These opportunities are EPIC you get paid and get some spicy roblox connections


Sounds like a really cool experience, pondering what brand it is, assuming that its Nike or Sketchers just based on the demographic of Roblox and the request of the game.


Applied, thanks for the opportunity!


Oof I’m none of the above, welp :joy:


We’re floating on the same boat, haha.

I do know someone I could suggest to read this though. @JohanSK0


Thanks to everyone who applied. The applications have officially closed.