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I’m using topbar plus and I need help, how do I do it like the dropdowns wont overlap each other? I want it like when the settings dropdown is opened the other dropdowns needs to be forced closed.

Anyone? Please help! I need it

I suggest you reply to the TopbarPlus main thread, so you can reach out to people who are more experienced with the module

I did, the thread is dead. No one answered

According to the documentation, this property should already be enabled (icon:autoDeselect(true)). Check your code or upload it.

Yes but it only works for non dropdowns or menus, only for regular icons. It should work somehow because other games does it too with dropdowns

After digging around in the module, I found one line that interfered with this, it set the value to false after the dropdown was created. Manually set :autoDeselect(true) after dropdown creation (after :setDropdown)

I cant put in in there

	:setLabel("Item 1"),
	:setLabel("Item 2"),
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Oh thats how you meant it, yes works thanks!

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