Topbar+ v1 (deprecated) | Add additional functionality and themes to your topbar

We do as part of the new theme settings for TopbarPlus v2:

(aiming to release end of Jan)

Can you explain the bug in more detail? We are aware of a bug when setting the image icon:setImage() (as apposed to including it within the construction parameters .new(...)) which we’ve fixed for v2.


So after I paste the image ID (Example, 1)
I press play, but the image that was supposed to appear seems to be glitched.

Will this v2 be backwards compatible with v1?

Many of the methods are identical or similar however features like themes and dropdowns have been completely re-vamped therefore no (hence the new version)

@LitTurtleMan Your icons image appears to be fine. If may look glitched if you don’t tailor the icons resolution to that of the topbar icons size (I recommend anything around 48x48)

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Pretty awesome. I love that the topbar can now have custom buttons like used on your HD admin!

Is it possible to make an Icon use TweenService or other stuff for a Frame or can it only use Visible?

EDIT: I have found out how now.

    --code here

How do you add a function when it is opened?

    -- execute action when icon opened/selected

    -- execute action when icon closed/deselected

I cant seem to get the plugin. i installed it and it doesnt show up anywhere. and it simply doesnt make sense how it works.

TopbarPlus doesn’t have any official plugin. v1 was deprecated a while back so consider using v2 instead which has a much greater feature set and is easier to use:

yeah i was realizing half way through trying to figure it out. luckily in the end i followed the “getting started” and now i got it working!

@ForeverHD I installed this and I found that this contains several modules and numerous methods, I was wondering, do all of these methods serve a purpose?

This is outdated and depreciated. Install Topbar+ V2. However, both this and V2 both contains many modules and methods. They are required to make Topbar+ function. If you are curious you could probably examine the scripts yourself to be positive.

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Thank you, you’re probably right. I tried reading the mods. but a lot of it is just comments and even when you get into real code, it’s so long and most of it is not “relatable”, meaning something I am convinced serves a purpose.

As Xo explained you shouldn’t be using v1 anymore. If you move over to v2 you can visit the API docs where all the relevant methods are explained:

If a method isn’t documented, it’s likely something internal used to make topbarplus function which you shouldn’t need to worry about.

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Hi the :deselect() isnt working ?
Heres what my code look like
and the error says

Make sure to update to the latest version:

If it repeats can you then provide code snippets / further details of the issue at the other thread.

its the latest version only.

and these images show the error and the code

Hello guys, do you know how to make like this in photoshop? like color and what it’s transparent?

its 0.5 trans with full black 0,0,0