TopbarEnabled will not be false on phones

When I tested a game on my phone I had TopbarEnabled to false, but on the phone TopbarEnabled did not affect anything when it was set to false and the topbar did never get removed, also at same time I used my main account to test on the computer and it worked and it was gone.

Well to be honest, I personally don’t care much about mobile. It’s the PC platform that matters without the topbar. I am sure a lot of other devs feel the same way.

I must disagree. The topbar takes up a huge amount of space on mobile. 36 pixels* count for a lot more on a smaller screen.

*not actually 36 pixels due to dpi stuff


Personally, I think it’s even more important on mobile than on PC. A really good, clean, and efficient UX is really important for a natural-feeling mobile game.

Was this on an Android device? Android is a bit behind right now, so this feature currently does not work on Android. I’ll check with our release engineer and see when we plan to update the Android client.


Yes this was on an Android device.