Tornado Alley Music Change

Hello all,

I am hard at work with massive update releasing this summer for Tornado Alley. Recently, ROBLOX released a statement about how they will now take action against games that use copyrighted assets.

Tornado Alley, unfortunately, uses a lot of copyrighted music from various different companies for users to enjoy. Because of this new policy ROBLOX is enforcing on June 18th, all copyrighted music that is currently used in Tornado Alley will be removed.

All of the music that is copyrighted will be replaced when I release the massive update. Obviously, the massive update won’t be ready by June 18th (which is the deadline to get rid of copyrighted music), and so instead, as a placeholder, all music will be ‘Winds of Fjord’, until I release the massive update.

So yes, until I release the massive update, the only piece of music that will play in Tornado Alley is ‘Winds of Fjord’.

I apologize to those who enjoyed the old music, but I have no say in ROBLOX’s policy decisions, and I must respect and follow their guidelines.

Thank you.

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