Tornado Alley Ultimate - Incident Report (7/9/2021)

On July 7th, Tornado Alley Ultimate experienced a game breaking issue beginning around 4:00 PM EST.

After initial investigation, we assumed it was a datastore issue. Because the novel bug was deemed critical (consistently broke the game), we closed the servers as the game was unplayable.

After getting into contact with ROBLOX data engineers, they concluded that the issue was not a datastore issue and was an isolated issue within the game itself.

After further investigation, we discovered a ‘Script timeout’ error that was occurring when the game attempted to load performance heavy maps into the game. After ensuring this was the problem, we once again contacted ROBLOX engineers (this time the physics team) to address this issue.

They concluded that Tornado Alley Ultimate was an anomaly to their recent “Accelerated Collision Detection” update that launched on July 7th.

A temporary solution was created by ROBLOX engineers by disabling the “Accelerated Collision Detection” change to Tornado Alley Ultimate. The changes are currently reverted to Tornado Alley Ultimate, removing the timeout error that was breaking the game.

We will continue to offer our information and support to ROBLOX engineers as they work on the new accelerated collision detection feature to allow integration for games like Tornado Alley Ultimate.

Until then, Tornado Alley Ultimate will have the change disabled.

A heartfelt thank you to the ROBLOX engineers, as the game could not have been opened without their assistance.