Tornado script broken

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    A nice, beautiful tornado! (ngl mine looks pretty horrible)

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    It wont notice the player

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while wait() do
	workspace.Tornado.Position =, 900), 319.997, math.random(-900, 900))
	workspace.Tornado.Attachment.Outer.Enabled = true
	workspace.Tornado.Attachment.Inner.Enabled = true
	for i = 1, 2500 do
		for e, obj in pairs(workspace.Tornado:GetTouchingParts()) do
				obj.Velocity =, 100, 0)
				if obj.Parent:FindFirstChildOfClass("Humanoid") then
	workspace.Tornado.Attachment.Outer.Enabled = false
	workspace.Tornado.Attachment.Inner.Enabled = false
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:GetTouchingParts() is kind of bad.

I’m assuming this is a server script. Instead of doing a for loop for the tornado. Do:

if part.Parent:FindFirstChild("HumanoidRootPart") do --checks if its a human
--rest of ur code

ehhhh, i NEED the loop part. if i didn’t loop, all of the waits would be put to waste. the player would be flung to the sky in shock for being in the part.

Why can’t you remove the waits? Also it is doing the same for loop 2500 times, with each waiting 0.01. This makes it do every single loop in around 25 seconds. Maybe you are getting there too late.

i want the tornado to descend fully before everything happens.

Descend? Also why are you changing the Vector3 of obj to 0, 100, 0

i am not. it is a random position. also why are you putting so little help into this? plus you should know how tornados work.

I am trying to help. I am just having trouble understanding your code. Sorry if it seems like I am wasting your time.

im gonna get a video of the game for you to see.

robloxapp-20240217-2209319.wmv (2.7 MB)
i know it seems bad, but im still working on it.