Toronto Based City RP Game

Hello, there. I recently have been wanting to make a City Game based in the city, Toronto, Ontario.

I only started working on it today and would like to share what I have done basically from scratch (the guns are Warbound) and receive feedback as well. I spent around 4 hours total today (mostly working on GUI) and think I did quite a bit for a not-so-great scripter.

VIDEO (trust me there are sounds in-game):

(hopefully I didn’t leak anything)

I am planning to make some gun renders for the GUI, make custom money decals (obviously Canadian themed) and start working on vehicles tommorrow

Have any recommendations?

Please share them by replying!



Don’t add anarchism, make sure the crime rate is low, around 15%. People are already fed up with Da Hood copies, we just want to play a causal city game.


I’m planning to add something like this. I don’t know how easy/hard it will be, but I will add this to some extent.

Fighting is cool. But when I join another city game like this I would first like to get to know it, find a job and do something productive before I get shot in the face on spawn.

Yeah I still don’t know what type of kill prevention I will add but I am also gonna add anarchy servers

Make sure the new players will spawn in a safer part of the map.
Here’s a few things you can do:
-Add NPC guards in the safe section to attack criminals
-Make sure there’s nothing that can be stolen in that area, so less interest for criminals
-Add cameras in that section that will report to polices when detects criminals.
Try to add a few jobs in the safe section, so the new players can get a bit more richer and well equipped before battling.


Since a lot of people are telling me to add SafeZones/Combat Protection here’s an idea of how it will work.

Everyone by default isn’t damageable (except for cops)

Civilians can choose to join/create gangs that will enable them to; Rob stores, Damage Cops, Damage Opposing gangs, and do criminal jobs.

If civilians decide to make money other ways they can work at a store, they will not be damageable but should still RP/listen if a criminal is pointing a gun at them.

I am still figuring out how the cop and criminal system will work.

I don’t suggest making people invincible. You should just separate the map in two half.
The good and the hood
In the good part there will be NPC dogs, alarms and cameras to make sure the criminals are scared to come, they could if they want but it’s risky for them.
In the bad part there will be clear signs and gates to tell the citizens to back off.

Well, one thing I’m planning on adding is phones for people to report gang sightings (someone with a gun, someone robbing, etc.) also it will notify cops who, when, and where shots are fired or something is robbed.

Also, do you have any ideas for non-criminal tools? I already have spraypaint, but I want more that actually do stuff (drinks, skateboards, etc.)

Add phones, instruments, books, toys