Torso not showing up in animation editor

I’ve tried Restarting Studio
I’ve tried renaming the parts
I’ve tried recreating the joints in a number of different ways

Nothing seems to be working
I don’t understand why Torso is not showing up in the list of body parts I can animate

I believe this is an issue with Roblox’s animation editor.


Have you rigged the model? The default animation editor requires you to rig your models in order for them to be animated.


As @Krunnie mentioned if you do not rig it then you cannot actually animate your model because your rig is essentially a skeleton for your custom made model. This then allows you to record the animations on a editor; on its timeline.

I use blender to rig.


Yes, I have applied all the joints.

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Everything’s rigged up

Check which parts are Anchored. Had lots of trouble with this before. All parts should be unanchored except the HumanoidRootPart if I remember correctly.


Wow that’s strange.
This is the closest i’ve come to a solution, but still not a complete fix.

Whenever I anchor only the HumanoidRootPart, the Torso will show up on the editor,
but then the HumanoidRootPart doesn’t show up.

Maybe you’re missing a joint between the torso and HRP?

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I’ve checked the joints multiple times like a mad man.

This isn’t my first time making a custom humanoid model.
I just don’t understand why it’s not working

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You know… maybe try downloading the Legacy Animation Editor plugin? It’s the older version of the Roblox Animation Editor and it works perfectly fine for me. I’ll get you the link in a few seconds.


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HRP is not supposed to show in Animation editor (try inserting a blank rig using the rig builder, select, and you’ll see).

The 1st layer joints should all go back to HRP and that’s what the animation is relative to, so it shouldn’t have any keyframes or movement associated with it. It should all be from your Torso and any other connecting parts.

Edit: added a pic to show how a fully set up and correctly anchored rig looks - No HRP in the editor, all joints correctly nested. 1st level (LowerTorso in this case) is implicitly connected to HRP:


OH that actually makes a lot of sense.
Thank you!

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