TOS Agreement keeps popping up on Developer Stats page for certain accounts


When trying to access the “Developer Statistics” page of a game, ROBLOX keeps wanting me to agree to their Terms Of Service, even though I’ve already done so many times. While this doesn’t happen on my main account, it seems to happen without exception on this account. Agreeing to the TOS does nothing - when re-visiting the page you will need to accept these terms all over again.

Ideally, I shouldn’t need to continuously agree to the ROBLOX TOS every time I want to browse information on my games!


  1. This seems to happen on the Developer Stats page of all games on this account.
  2. This does not happen on my main account. This seems to happen on newer accounts. I tried creating a new account today and the same issue seems to occur. The account linked above is nearly two (2) months old.
  3. The linked account is verified.
  4. I first noticed upon creating the linked account around two (2) months ago.
  5. On this account, this happens 100% of the time.
  6. This seems to occur on all web browsers. - I tested on Chrome, Edge and Internet explorer.

Repro Steps:

  1. Log-in to a newer account/make a newer account.
  2. Click on a place of your choice (Obviously you need to be the owner of said place).
  3. Click the “Developer Stats” button (See image below)
  4. Notice the TOS prompt. No matter how many times you agree, you will still need to agree all over again when you re-visit the page.

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Personally, I think that’s not a bug. Your post should be a feature request. My account is 2 years old and I still receive this message. Since we agreed to the TOS when we signed up on the platform, I think there’s no need to agree to it again.