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Welcome to the Toshikoshi training guide!

Before the Session

Approximately 30-40 minutes before the training session begins, the host must announce the session.

Communication Server Training Template: An upcoming training session will take place at (time here) Eastern Time. All low ranks will have the opportunity to train at the Training Center and possibly achieve a promotion! Members of the middle and higher ranks are welcome to assist! Hosted by (name) and co-hosted by (name).

Group Shout Training Template: [TRAINING] A training session will be held at (time) Eastern Time! There will be opportunities for LRs to attend the training center, and MRs and HRs are encouraged to help out! Look forward to seeing you down there!

At least ten minutes before the training session starts, the host and co-host should arrive at the training. It is the host or co-host’s responsibility to name and assign trainers and trainees to groups five minutes before the training. Try to have an equal number of trainees in each group. Ensure that all your MRs or HRs have access to the guide, and if they do not, encourage them to spectate the session. In an emergency, it is okay to let an assistant trainer who does not have the guide serve as an assistant trainer, however, it is less risky for trainers to have the guide with them all of the time. PTS needs to be enabled by the host approximately 2 minutes before the session begins.

Welcome and Rules

Hello, and welcome to today’s training session! My name is [username], and I will be your trainer along with the other trainer staff attending today.

Before we begin, we must go over some rules to ensure a safe and efficient workplace.

I. All staff must use proper grammar at all times. A maximum of three grammar strikes can be given. Exceeding that amount will lead to you failing this session.

II. Avoid arguing with your trainer. You will fail this session automatically if you argue with your trainer. Aside from that, arguing with your trainer will lead to demotion.

III. If for some reason you need to go AFK during the session, please let a staff member know.

IV. There will be no tolerance for disrespect. You will be demoted if you disobey your trainer during the session.

V. The training will consist of three sections: greeting, trivia, and ordering test.

VI. Please refrain from using copy and paste messages, as it removes our realistic aspect.

If no one has any questions, let’s get this session started!

break off into your groups


The actual training will be performed at the discretion of the trainers with their own messages, but will still follow our 3 section format.

Conclusion of Session


If the trainee passed: Congratulations! This training session was a success for you. Your promoter will rank you shortly.

If the trainee failed: Unfortunately, you did not meet the amount of points required to pass this session. Do not be discouraged, as you can always try again next session. We hope to see you again soon.

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