[Totally lost] Tweening models with multiple parts

This is what I’d like to achieve, except without having to manually move the lights.

Here is the hiearchy inside the explorer tab.

I literally have no understanding on how to do this, I tried TweenService but it just wasn’t moving the right direction and only one of the parts were moving.

If anyone could help steer me in the right direction, thank you!

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How can I weld more than two parts together? Do I just need to use more than one WeldConstraint?

yeah you do. you can either use a weld script or manually create welds here:

then click the part you want to weld to another part, and then click the other part:

how to do it through a weld script:

-- welds two parts together in their current relative orientation
local function createWeld(part0, part1, weldType, offset)
	local weld = Instance.new(weldType or "Weld")
	offset = offset or CFrame.new()
	weld.Part0 = part0
	weld.Part1 = part1
	weld.C0 = part0.CFrame:inverse() * part1.CFrame * offset
	weld.Parent = part0
	return weld

-- welds a list of parts in their current relative orientation to a root part
local function weldAll(root, model)
	local welds = {}
	for _, desc in pairs(model:GetDescendants()) do
		if desc:IsA("BasePart") or desc:IsA("UnionOperation") then
			welds[#welds+1] = createWeld(root, desc)
	return welds

weldAll(partToWeldAllPartsTo, model)
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I recommend taking a look at this article. It explains in depth how you can initiate a primary part and weld the remaining parts to the anchored part and tween just that one part.

I’m not the smartest and I don’t understand barely anything in that topic. I’ll read through it again though.

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