Touch Event in my Tycoon Kit not firing unless User resets on part

There has been this very strange glitch I have seen within my game over the last week. Essentially, players will not be able to collect their cash from the cash collector or buy any buttons… unless they reset atop of them like seen here:

As you can see, this guy I am troubleshooting with encounters the glitch - he cannot collect his cash, and when he steps on a button that he can afford, nothing happens. But if resets on top of the cash collector or the button, it works.

I don’t really know how or why this is happening. I have a previous post that has the code that I am using, which is here.

Does anyone know how on earth this could be happening??

It might be because the pressure plate is looking for a specific bodyPart such as your torso or your HumanoidRootPart. To change this, you must find the if statement that checks for that bodypart and change it with a simple check to make sure the bodypart that touched the pressurePlate belongs to a humanoid controlled by a player.

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This. And if it doesn’t work, try creating a hitbox for your pressure plate and making it bigger than the pressurePlate, if you already have one, increase its size.

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It doesn’t check for a specific body part. It just checks to see if the part it touched is part of a player (via a game.Players:GetPlayerFromCharacter(hit.Parent) check)

The hitboxes are also already pretty big as is.

Still having this issue. Not much update from last night

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