Touch up on TweenService and related documentation

First two items on list do not match format of the rest of the items on the list.

TweenService does not have just one function. GetValue exists.

There are no examples anywhere on the TweenService page.

It’d make more sense to put the Tween Creation code sample first, since that’s what the article is mainly about. Looping a Tween is merely an additional example of how to use TweenService and should be ordered after.

This most likely happened due to alphabetical sorting of code samples, but I can’t say for certain. Even then, I still don’t see why the ordering is like this. To know how to enhance something, you need to know how to create it first.

GetValue still has no documentation.

TweenBase.Resume doesn’t exist. Change this to TweenBase.Play.

It’d be nice to make note of the behaviour regarding infinite repeats if RepeatCount is lower than 0.

Other than that, the ordering of properties is weird. There’s no coherent structure or sorting to it at all, the properties are just strewn across the page and that’s that.