TouchBegin shooting 2x as fast

Im trying to give mobile support full auto to my guns, it works fine until you press on another place on your screen.
For example, if you press down on one spot on your screen, the gun works fine and shoots normally. But if you keep holding that same spot down, and with your other hand press down somewhere else, the gun shoots 2x as fast.
Idk if im missing something or what, this is the UserInputService btw.


	if isEquipped == true then

I’m no experienced scripter, but I think what’s happening is that it shoots once for the first hold, then again for the second hold, if you created a variable and checked it that variable was true, then dont fire, that would fix it. The variable should check if the screen is already being pressed down.

As @NSignat said, make a boolean variable IsShooting. Make it true when shooting and make an if statement at top to see if IsShooting is true. Also make it false when the touch ends.