Touched event doesn't work after being cloned

I’m trying when the part touches it, falls but when is being cloned it doesn’t work The code works in general but the clone not.

local FallPart = script.Parent.FallPart

local PartPosition = script.Parent.FallPartParent

local Debounce = false

local ClonePart = FallPart:Clone()

local function Touched(hit)
	if not Debounce then
		Debounce = true
		local hum = hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid")
		if hum then
			print("Got Touched")
			FallPart.Anchored = false
			ClonePart.Position = PartPosition.Position
			ClonePart.Parent = workspace.FallParts
			Debounce = false


This needs a period:

local PartPosition = script.Parent.FallPart.Parent

Better yet just do script.Parent

Under clonepart.Parent do FallPart = clonepart

Thats already done when he sets the clonepart variable, he’s cloning fallPart which should include its position

Oh im sorry i thought you were the original poster, ignore my reply please.

It didn’t work this is the problem if you wanna see it.

You have to rebind the touched event to the cloned part