Touched event firing without touching a part

Typically, there would be no interference between parts in a place that would cause this to occur, however; I’ve been having an issue where touched event is firing without touching a part when large parts are nearby. This is not place specific and only happens at certain areas of the map

Each part called origin is spawning a brick, bricks that spawn around the red spawner always explode (red part below explosions in picture), while green spawners parts don’t (correct behavior). Parts from the red spawner explode before touching another part because they believe they are touching the large green grass brick (not shown in picture)

Here’s a repro file of the above example
CollisionRepro.rbxl (12.1 KB)

Not looked at the place yet, but does the green grass part happen to cover 0, 0, 0? If so, are you parenting the part to workspace before setting the position?

The part is parented after setting all of the properties.