.Touched not working when the part is anchored

Hey, so basically I’m making a projectile which when touched creates another part for testing

Whenever the part is NOT anchored the .touched event works fine and creates another part on the place of impact
Whenever the part is anchored the .touched event doesn’t do anything

https://gyazo.com/8a470137d761681a4d4bc79523674f16 – While anchored

https://gyazo.com/0b6ef3acbebdef3d1448ab5e4abfd5e9 – While not anchored

			if hit.Parent ~= player.Character and hit.Transparency ~= 1 and hit.CanCollide == true then
				local combust = Instance.new("Part")
				combust.Parent = workspace
				combust.Position = blast.Position
				combust.Anchored = true
				combust.CanCollide = false
				combust.Size = Vector3.new(5,5,5)
				combust.BrickColor = BrickColor.new("New Yeller")
				combust.Material = "Neon"
				combust.Shape = "Ball"
The "print("Touched")" does not appear in the output either
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I want ask you if you have any error in outputs
And yea we need script you using to figure what is wrong

We will need a script to solve this but I assume its because of the body velocity and that it aint going to touch anything if it is anchored and its launched to the air (Or the part simply falls on the void when spawned)

I am so sorry, I spaced out and forgot to add the script part

There are no errors in the output, and the print I tried to add in the .Touched function doesn’t even appear

Well I dont know if you are doing the same thing as the video but the Part you threw doesnt even touch anything in it (the anchored part)

It touches the half transparent wall I put there for testing

Ok so send the script (30 characters)

I edited the original post with the .Touched event

Show the whole script though (30 chars)