.Touched or a constant :GetPartsBoundInBox()?

I’ve seen lots of discussion about this topic and I wanted to ask for myself to get a clear opinion and case study of facts on this topic.

Which is better to use (overall);

  • .Touched
  • :GetPartsBoundsInBox (or some other workspace function) in a loop/RunService connection


I would use .Touched for this to know when you touched a certain part. :GetPartsBoundsInBox() should only be used for detecting if a part is in another part at a specific time.

Yes correct, but I have seen many people look down upon the use of .Touched as it has performance delays or issues (off the top of my head)?

Doing :GetPartsBoundsInBox() simply does the same thing as Touched. I just see Touched as being easier to use. Maybe if you were concerned about it, you could use ZonePlus?