TouchEnded work when the touched part is destroy?

Hello! I just need to know if TouchEnded is detecter when a touched part is destroy? Could you answer me please?

Why would it work when the part is destroyed? It would require a physics change to detect a Touched/TouchEnded, and I don’t think setting the parent of the part to nil would be a physics change,

Also, this’d be an easy thing to test out yourself without necessarily making a post about it, just go on Studio, make a part that gets destroyed, make a TouchEnded event that print something, stand on it, and see what happens with TouchEnded when the part is gone

I have another question. How to detect how many players there are in a zone?

Use FindPartsInRegion3 and give it the region you want to find parts in and confirm those parts belong to a player

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But It is a really big region with at last 1000 parts. Are you sure this will work correctly.

I’m not completely sure about that, someone else may have a proper answer to this 2nd questionthat doesn’t really have any relation to the question in the post

If I ask all this questions, it is to make the same thing. I would like know fastly how many players there are in a region.

One potential solution involves using RunService.Heartbeat to check if the Character’s HumanoidRootPart is within the bounds of certain coordinates:

More info around this subject can be found in the following posts:

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