Touchpad Scrolling Active for Non-Touchpad Devices

Note: I myself have not personally experienced this bug (yet?), however I have multiple accounts from various people experiencing this issue at random, and I will try to include as much information as I can since this doesn’t appear to yet be reported.

A lot of players have been experiencing touchpad scrolling randomly activating on their desktop machines and when using a mouse in the middle of gameplay. I’ve heard of this occuring in multiple games, such as Eclipsis.

This issue appears to have been occuring for several weeks now (at least three) and it seems like this was not occuring until the touchpad scrolling update.

From what I am hearing all people have had the following in common:

  • Scrolling does not zoom, but instead rotates the camera up/down
  • Players are using a mouse
  • Several players are using a desktop PC with no touchpad

I would love to gather hardware information (mouse model/brand, input drivers, number of input devices with drivers, etc) from the people who have brought this up an I’ll hopefully be able to put that information in this post tonight. I just wanted to get this posted because I’m hearing about it very frequently and I can’t seem to find a report anywhere yet.

This can consistently be reproduced for anyone by holding shift or control while scrolling, however for some users this is supposedly occuring at random as well. I have confirmed the behaviour is the same from these users.