Tovy - A fully open-source group management app (Sessions, Activity tracking, and more)

This is Tovy

A fully open-source staff management platform!

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What is it?

Tovy is a platform that lets you track your group’s activity, use inactivity notices, and much more!


There are many reasons why I made Tovy. Here is a list of some of them.

  • Almost all other rotech products are closed source
  • Almost all other rotech products have a lot of branding and ads
  • It is managed by the group, not by other people


  • Custom role system
  • Invite link system
  • Nice login system
  • Sessions
  • Ranking
  • Wall
  • Activity tracking
  • Nice UI
  • Great mobile UX
  • Group Customization
  • Fast API that makes using Tovy super fast

and more!





Your activity

Notice management


  • No denying that this was inspired by Hyra’s UI
  • This is in its early beta/alpha stages


Thanks for reading. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via live chat on our Discord or here on the devforum.


This would be a great resource for staff management in games. I think I might use it soon. Thanks


0.2.0 has been released!

Whats new?

  • Inactivity notice policy
  • Support for more hosting
    • API host URL
  • Port prompt for first-time setup
  • New manage staff activity permission
  • Reset activity
  • More stats on staff activity
  • New server error page
    • Refresh button
    • New graphic

This looks amazing! Especially the fact that you used Vue with Vuetify & Tailwind for the front end!

Might think of adopting this to one of the games I develop for, I think it will work well with our webapp which is also based in Vue!

Anyway, will you consider moving to BloxyJS before exiting alpha?

Also, is there a way to insert custom data for the activity logs for each user? I think a lot of games would really need that!



Roblox is down, so that’s probably why it errored. No reason for alarm.

I’ll wait for it to come back online :+1:

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Thanks for the kind words!

I don’t think I’d consider moving to bloxy considering there has been no activity in over a year and Roblox is adding and changing APIs.

Yes! I’ve been busy with some stuff @ GRP but that is 100% planned

P.S I’m a pretty big fan of your work and have been following you on Twitter for awhile and it means a lot to me that you replied

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The database and port are stored in backend/.env

For future support, I’d recommend using server

Would you consider adding a dark mode

Yes! Suggest it in our github discussions Discussions · ItsWHOOOP/tovy · GitHub

We’ve just dropped a new guide for hosting on railway (free)

0.3.0 is here!

Whats new?

  • Staff profiles
    • Add & remove activity to staff
    • Reset staff activity
    • View staff activity
  • Staff grid view
    • Staff bulk actions
    • View staff profile
  • UI updates
    • Add our GitHub page somewhere in the app
    • New activity timeline UI
    • UI Changes & fixes from @7kayoh
      Smaller thingies
  • Patches
  • Webhook proxy (just replace with ur tovy uri when enabled)

We now offer a $10 setup service in our discord (our team will setup your tovy instance)

You can learn more there :heart:

Could I ask why I’m banned from your Discord before joining?

why would I pay 10 dollars for this system when its posted on community releases. I mean community releases are always free and not paid.

You missed the answer so obviously.

The service is free, but if you don’t know how to set it up you can pay for it to be setup for you.

i see but it’s literally so expensive

$10 is not even that much? You can learn yourself how to set it up for free if the cost is concerning.

Amazing! Was this updated in the github? I just cloned it and started my webserver.

Sadly this doesn’t support to my knowledge. We do have a guide to host on railway (free) linked above.

I cannot really provide support here so I recommend heading over to our discord server (linked above)