Tower Defence Simulator League - Polluted Wastelands II Event - Official Team Guidebook

Tower Defence Simulator - Professional Leagues

Game Map: Poluted Wasteland II
Map Strategy: Toxicity Cat
League Size: Quad

Important Information

1. You need to be in the Paradoxum Group for this strategy to work!

2. No golden perks or Engineer required. This is also beginner friendly.

3. Player 1 must use Medic’s ability every time towers are stunned.
(This is extremely important on wave 40!)

4. Player 3 must CTA Chain correctly!

5. You can replace turret/ranger with engineer but you do not need it.

6. If the boss spawns more than 3 times it will be deadly.

7. Player 1 and 4 can start farming on wave 1 and you can still win.

Toxicity Cat Guidebook

Read important notes, see the placement before you start playing please!

Guidebook Link: League Guidebook - Polluted Wastelands II - Toxicity Cat

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