Tower Defenders Art


I made a Tower Defender art. I hope you like it and please tell me what I can improve on because this is my first ever GFX for Roblox. Also if you want me to make you a GFX then just message me on the fourms.

Tower Defenders GFX


It’s a nice start, but honestly I have a few problems.

  • The text: [which is is kind of the focal point] is in some weird position, try to put it in the middle or in one of the thirds of the screen
  • The contrast: The text blends too much with the sky, I’d say put something like a black outline around it
  • The quality of the image: This is quite self explanatory, try to use a higher definition next time
  • The different styles: I can’t explain this really well but, the dragon picture you put does not really have the same aesthetic / feel as the castle. It’s definitely made with a different “style” or whatever you call it

I’m just going to say that you did a great job, as I myself have not really tried to take thumbnails or GFX seriously. I would love to see you improve! :+1: