Tower Defense Castle Map

Hello fellow developers, I recently created this map, it took around 2 hours, most was positioning the bricks onto the walls and the other half deciding what the path is going to be like (I am very indecisive) Any thoughts for feedback. No free models used most models made in Blender!

Thank you! :+1:


Honestly it’s quite good. I would suggest adding village homes on top of some hills.


Very nice idea, will get to work on this.

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It’s pretty good yeah !
I guess you wanna keep it fairly simple on the flat surface for a game like that so the only option to improve the map would be to add onto the castle or the hills/mountains.

Here you only have castle walls so I would suggest you to build something in its center.

You could also add some snow near the top of the mountains and a little bit on the highest hills maybe.

Depending on the altitude you can add more or less vegetation, that’s up to you.
The higher the altitute, the less vegetation you’d have while having generally more snow.

Also if you’re adding fir trees I would personally place them in small groups of 2 or 3 at least instead of only one. I find it strange that a tree would grow all alone like that but I could be wrong there.

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It looks pretty cool! I suggest giving it more medieval decor since it’s a castle. Add a moat around the castle if you want, and maybe add a few flags around it. It looks awesome otherwise!

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I like the feedback, and thanks for respecting the fact that the map needs more space on the floor for the game to be fluid so decorating the terrain is the best option.