Tower Defense Game Animations

Okay, so about a week ago, I made an article about Tower Defense Games. Anyway, in that time, I’ve taught myself some very basic Lua, and to help me with basic concepts of the game, I’ve loosely followed GnomeCode’s Tower Defense Scripting tutorials. Now, I’ve rigged my own enemies and I have scripts to make them walk down the path, but I have an issue with the animations.

When the animation plays on the rig I animated, it works perfectly. For gameplay, I scaled them down, and the animation became somewhat distorted.

GIF of the enemies walking:

GIF of how they are supposed to walk:

If you have the time, feel free to check out how messed up it is on an actual dummy:

If anyone has any idea why this is happening, please let me know. If you want to see the actual rig I used, here it is:


I couldn’t find a solution, so I just decided to stick with the classic Roblox rig and decorate that.


i had this problem before while working on my TD game — the glitch happens because the motor6D’s data in a regular-sized R6 model won’t “shrink” down to the edited model (meaning that if you scale it down, the animations won’t look right; it’s not a “one-size-fits-all” solution).

try importing the animation onto the scaled-down enemy, fix it, and reupload it.


That’s what I ended up doing. Thanks for the advice! :grin: