Tower Defense GUI Feedback

Hi everyone! I’ve been making a tower defense game for a few months now and I just finally started polishing off the guis. I’d love some feedback on the tower upgrade gui I made :slight_smile: (criticism would be helpful too)

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If you can scroll on this, it looks very good.

But if you cant scroll, the bottom specialist upgrade things need to be higher so it looks not cut off

Wow these are too far and collision with the stats title.

Now lets start the review:
First thing to consider: too much font changing. Like at some time your using bangers at the other highway. Go for one uniform font.
Second thing to consider: same as the first one but with icons. Some are images other… emojis?!?
Third thing to consider: its too compact. It gives me claustrophobia just by looking at it. Maybe make the things a bit further apart? but not too further apart like you did with the stats.
Fourth thing to consider: Maybe try using text and icons for the stats menu? as I cant understand the last one. AT ALL.

Hope you listen to me… or perish. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: