Tower Defense Map

Hey I made a Tower Defense game but I’m so bad at scripting I just quit
But anyway, take my map I made, (btw I modeled everything myself and no need to credit me)
/and thanks for 200 subs on yt lul
Model:Tower Defense Map - Roblox


Looks decent. Nice contribution.


btw the npc’s are animated if you want to change the animation just go into the script inside of the npc’s. Have a wonderful day :wink:

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Very cool map. Imagine this actually added to Tower Defense, that would be nice.

thanks for the positive feedback (and btw if you look at the first pic in the background you can actually see one of my towers and 3 of my enemys that i was planning to add)


oh ok, that’s cool. Hopefully the towers will be here very soon. Anyways, have a good day or evening.