Tower Of Pain - Development Update

Hello, Roblox Community

My name is Snowflake, a Roblox developer, communicator, content creator and designer. I am the lead developer for many projects such as “Tower Of Pain”, a Roblox game where you try to get to the top of a long tower with no checkpoints! Recently, I was working on the project and released a large new update. I will list the changes I made to the game and new features that I set.

New Gamepasses
Want to have a better experience? Buy some gamepasses! There are a few new gamepasses that our team released including the following:

  • Balloons (250 robux)
    For the price of 250 robux, you can float high in the sky making the obby easier to complete.

  • Premium (1,000 robux)
    Might seem a lot for a gamepass. Not for this one, this pass includes a magic carpet, a sword and much, much more!

You can purchase these gamepasses in game or in the “store” on the Roblox website. You can also find other gamepasses such as coils, upgrades, power ups and gears!

New Development Area
In game, you can now see a list of users who helped develop or advertise the game! These are official people who are on our development team! You can also see the user’s avatars and username/ display name. Identify and honor our special creators easier. Might not seem huge but it warms the hearts of the people who work on special games for you and me.

Third Party Sales
Our team has enabled third party sales. You can now purchase gamepasses while playing the game. If you had trouble purchasing a certain asset in game before, it is hopefully now fixed. Instead of navigating to the store tab, you can now buy passes and gears while playing our creations. This was an important feature for us to add so now we can create a even strong community of awesome people.

Those are all the new features and passes that our new update brings! If you enjoy what you are hearing, please go and visit the game here: Tower of Pain - Roblox. If you have a question or have feedback, tell us in the replies or contact our team via Roblox Developer Forums using messages or other communication systems.

In the future, we will continue to add new stages, new gears and more. Get ready, in a few days, our team is planning to release a ton of awesome and challenging new stages. See you there!

Development Team
Lead Developer - @SnowflakeForest10
Beta Developer - @SLAPtheonedude
Beta Developer - @BarbieDolldesign83

Snowflake (@SnowflakeForest10)