Towers of Hanoi: A Classic Puzzle, Reimagined in Roblox

Hey DevForum community!

I’m excited to share my latest creation based on the Towers of Hanoi puzzle.

Game Overview:
Towers of Hanoi is a brain-teasing puzzle where players move discs from one rod to another, following strict rules. :jigsaw: In my Roblox version, you can customize the number of discs and even their colors to suit your strategy and aesthetic preferences. :rainbow:

Key Features:

  • Customizable Discs: Adjust the number and colors of discs dynamically within the game using a variety of BrickColors. :art:
  • Optimize Your Moves: Challenge yourself to solve the puzzle in the minimum number of moves possible, with moves tracked and compared via the leaderboard.
  • Interactive Guidance: New to the game? Click the help button for tips and strategies to get started. :bulb:

Customization and Guidance

Quick demonstration

Implementation Details:

  • Disc Customization: Implemented using Roblox GUI for intuitive customization options. Players can choose disc numbers and colors through an interactive interface.

  • Move Optimization: Track your moves and validate solutions based on the classic Towers of Hanoi rules. :bar_chart:

  • User Experience: Designed a user-friendly interface with clear instructions and visual feedback to enhance gameplay immersion and ease of use. :desktop_computer:

Join the Challenge:
Compare your move counts with fellow players and aim for the best solution possible! Test your puzzle-solving skills and enjoy the satisfaction of mastering this classic game in Roblox. :trophy:

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts and feedback on this project! Any ideas on implementations, bugs, and more, are appreciated. :rocket:

Towers of Hanoi ← Join here!

Towers of Hanoi


I really liked the game. I played for around 20 minutes.


I like the fact that it’s made exclusively with GUI objects, well done!


It’s pure brain-challenging fun. I took wayyy too long to get middle LOL.