Town of Kaihin | RP: In need of a builder to make some finishing touches


About The Job

For about a year, a team of developers and myself have been developing a high school Anime role-play game. I wanted to release this game by 2020 Christmas, however some of our developers resigned and we were therefore unable to release it.

All we need now is some help with finishing the map. (Decently small finishing touches.)

The Team
@Jozeni00- Programming/Scripting
@3k_rq - Lead Building & GFX
@You - Finishing Details

There is not a lot to be done, however we expect quality work.


I am willing to pay 750+ Robux for these “finishing touches.”


You can contact me at Discord @t33h33 #2523

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

If more information is required, I would be happy to discuss any questions in dm’s!

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