[Town RP Development Part I] Need feedback on town's Main Street

I had an identical post earlier, but I deleted it seconds after posting it because I added the wrong screenshots, sorry.

I’ve been working on these buildings in my game for a couple of weeks now. I’m planning to make them part of a game that is similar to Greenville, Pembroke Pines, etc… and I need feedback on them to see what I can improve on. Here are some screenshots (in no particular order…i don’t know how to order screenshots)

For those of you who want to see a more in-depth look at the buildings, I’ll include a link to the game they’re in. Once there, follow the big black road until it ends (the buildings are right at the end). Ignore the crappy placeholder buildings, I just put them there so that the game wouldn’t feel so depressing and empty while I was working on the downtown area. I tried to build a 1995 Honda Accord Wagon in Blender, but it turned out horribly, so I’ve added a free model car for you to use instead, if you like.

Hi, here’s some criticism:
-Are the trees meant to be leafless?
-The driveway to the building’s side in the first and second picture aren’t connected to the road, consider doing so.
-The walls for the building in picture 3 are very flat, especially on the sides. Maybe make the bricks above and below the windows protruding, the columns, etc.
-Really, the same for most buildings, they need some depth.
-The trees look more like brown palm tree leaves than branches, especially in image 5.
-The bricks above the window in image five can be textured, maybe cloth?
-In image 7, the green bricks awkwardly connect, and go up the red building, maybe separate them?
-In mage 8 both the tan and gray buildings have awkward, flat roofs and the tan building should have a roof.
-the final building’s green cover should also be textured.
That’s all I came up with, but it looks really good!


Thank you for replying! I’ll address now what I can:
-The trees are meant to be leafless for now. The town I’m building has bare trees from November-May. I think the game will probably end up coming out later than that, if ever, but for now, they’re supposed to be bare.
-The driveway is connected to the road. I don’t think that was too clear in the screenshots I provided, sorry.

-I agree, the final building’s auning should be textured. I also made it cover the entire building to make it look a bit more realistic. feedbackpost11
-The tan building has a roof, though I just noticed that it isn’t a very good one and there are some flaws, I’ll post screenshots of it when I improve it.
-I’ll try to add some depth to the buildings, but it’s about 10:45PM in my timezone so I’m not doing that until morning. Thank you for the idea.

Improved roof on tan building

Oh, I didn’t see the road there, lol.
Thank you for replying, though!
The green building looks much better, and the tan roof looks great too, however also:
-maybe change the color of the roof? Some darker brown, gray, brown, scarlet, etc.
-In addition, maybe cut off the tan building’s front’s protruding edges and let the roof hang over so that it doesn’t look to weird and western-ish.

I don’t think you should have the actual company logo in there

The first building roof isn’t really good looking neither are the doors.

Excellent suggestion, I’ve found that I like this roof much more:

The front of the building is supposed to jut out like that. The building will have apartments in it and that third floor will act as an attic-type thing, with rooms featuring a low ceiling and whatnot.

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I see what you’re saying, but I think I’ll get away with it…similar games have Subway, McDonald’s, BP, Shell, Burger King, Mattress Firm etc…not to mention all of the infringed intellectual property and logos on the cars.
Still, though, I’ll take the logos off and see how the building looks, if there’s no significant change in my eyes I’ll keep it that way. Thanks for the suggestion :slight_smile:

How do you think I can improve them? I really don’t want anything fancy with that roof, it’s supposed to be flat and boring. I textured it, but I don’t really know what else I can do to satisfy both you and I

add windows on top ez. and probably use concrete material

In the second to last screenshot the building just looked to plain for the rest of the place since like all those buildings are detailed and but that building doesn’t look very appealing and most players wouldn’t be attracted to it due to the low amount of detail put into that.

You also shouldn’t add places with real company logos, you should make your own little twist on them like Burger prince instead of Burger king just so you don’t get copyright striked.

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