Town Suggestions?

I am making a little town- it’s suppose to be all cute, and bubbly.
Any thoughts, recommendations or suggestion?

Those buildings look very nicely made and have a lot of detail in them and also very creative ,however the different colour of the grass changing doesn’t suit it at all and looks messy

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Maybe some foliage,(like trees flowers etc) it would make the town more lively!

Your builds are really nice as well!

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I see so many ghost spaces, should try to fill them with other things, like grass, benches, trees, things like that.

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Thank you, I made it all the same color- does that look better?

First off, the starting area looks amazing love the layout of the place and overall feel however I think it’s a bit early in development is there going to be environment objects, houses, stores buildings ect?

As a result I definitely like the structure of the place which stood out however town areas normally feel up most of the terrain leaving the area just plain can ruin the feel your currently going for placing a road and other features could improve it at the start it kind of has that neighborhood look to it.

I would suggest looking at images and find different objects that could be placed inside your town. As for an example my town area features more buildings banks, smalls restaurants, stores and more losing ideas on what to add to your town could be looking at real life images or your town and take a few notes to see what you can add to make your town more better. Or, after finishing your layout place a few vegetation objects surrounding the area this could be trees, bushes sidewalks.

I know this could be taken into consideration when finishing the entire town. There’s room for expansion too - these items could be found in town areas. At the start best of luck on your project.

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It definitely looks a lot better, however you do of course need trees, rocks grass and little simple details to make your build look far more better

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