Townhall build! What do you think?

What do you think of my Townhall build my my game which is coming soon… (Don’t mind the terrain I’m not done with the terrain work; just tell me what you think of my build! Thanks)


Looks good! The only thing I have is maybe change up the roof style, like something maybe like the White House.


Thanks for the feedback! I’ll consider doing that as that could look nice.

I like this a lot. I kinda wish your picture was closer so I could see it better. The only thing I would maybe add is some detail (shutters or decorative thing on top) around the windows but that’s not even really needed.

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I really like it, and the detail in it. Keep up the good work! :smile:

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Super nice! The windows look a bit too small though

Amazing build! I would first off say do something with the roof, I don’t really like this part. It seem flat Screen Shot 2020-11-05 at 1.20.17 PM
Also, the front yard needs some more work. Other than that, GREAT JOB!