Toxic Trails Asset Credits

This post gives credit where it’s due for the assets used in the game Toxic Trails [ALPHA]

Icons / Images:


  • Meshes made from .svg icons by Freepik from
    [TILES: Sun, Crescent, Color Circle, Busy, Chromatic, Diaphragm, Flower Shape In A Circle, Cells In A Circle, Heartbeat In A Circle, Right Arrow In A Circle, Vision, Contrast Circle, Overlapping Circles, Fish in circle shape, Circle with little circles, Power icon, Prohibited Symbol, Peace, Basketball, Octopus ]
  • Icons made by Becris from
    [ TILES: Smile,Smile face w/ Sunglasses,]
  • Icons made by Pixel perfect from
    [TILES: Check, football, ]
  • [TILES: Rocket, ]