TPGI RE4 - Faster Realtime GI!

i like this, the video shows it well, if i had the money (im poor) i would buy it

it remembers me of my old devforum post but that one was pretty bad compared to this one which is a much better version

Does this tool works well with Future lighting?

you can replace ALL your division operations with multiplication. in fact, why even use division in computer if we can just multiply by the reciprocal of the divisor for a performance boost. it’s not interchangable. for example sometimes multiplication bests division or vice versa in terms of accuracy. speed as well, depending on if you’re using floats or integers. not to mention divisions by 0, different processing units, robloxs own optimizations. its not that simple imo

also, what is this module doing. what is being shown in the video

Yes, Its built to work with future lighting since none of the other global illumination systems ive tried work well.

I don’t really understand what your trying to say here. I benchmark all changes intended for performance using the built in statistics features, I know how much performance Im gaining/losing and can tweak until I match or exceed the old performance metrics.

Global Illumination (GI) Is an approximation of how lighting bounces in the real world, TPGI achieves this with a combination of probes and (relatively) basic raytracing. In the videos there is no ambient lighting, No diffuse and no outdoor ambient. It is solely TPGI and the sun.

could you upload a video showcasing it working with pointlights and and such, in future lighting?, im thinking about purchasing this, but I need to know how it looks.

“Bigger Things” 75% off sale and RE4+ Announcement

RE4+ Announcement

• All RE4 Users will be able to get RE4+ For free upon release.
• RE4+ Includes tons of new features from (WIP) RE5
• A new unique version of the control panel
• Vagabond Approximate Voxel Raytracing (replaces Radian’s tracer)

RE5 Announcement

• RE5 Runs on an all new voxel raytracer named Vagabond
• Huge Performance Gains
• AMBX [Experimental] Scene Awareness

I want to clarify RE5 wont be releasing for awhile.

“Bigger Things” Sale

The sale will continue until RE5 and RE4+ Launch, As part of the sale you can get control panel for free, You can also save even more by getting the whole bundle (RE3+, Control Panel and RE4)

TPGI is available exclusively on itch

Heres another video of it

I dont really understand why you needed it tho cause TPGI doesnt change lighting behavior (also you can turn down the intensity if its too high for certain scenes)


Did you forget that 1 / Somenumber exists?

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I just bought the system since it was on sale, while looking at the code I noticed that bulkMoveTo() wasn’t being used to move the probes, I’m curious as to why though, wouldn’t it be faster to move them like that? or just use attachments for the probes.

regardless it’s a cool system.

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Okay, so I bought the RE4 and wanted to make sure this is the intended result:

(My graphics are at max)

Ok so I looked more into the code, it doesn’t use attachments because it needs to calculate stuff with the physical probes, I also realized It doesn’t need to use :BulkMoveTo() because it’s a grid meaning all the probes never move to different positions that are not relative to the grid so using :PivotTo() is actually faster here, as it was designed for that.

Re4 doesnt have probegen which is a feature ive been teasing for re4+ and re5, until thats a feature (for debug reasons) I used the parts

The performance difference is negligible for now which is why it hasnt changed. Also hope you enjoy!

When probegen (and or re4+) releases I will most likely switch to attachments

Yes, you should see the color of the scenery reflected in the shadows (brown areas reflect brown light

Yeah, I also noticed it has some flaws but that’s to be expected so it runs well, i got some nice scenes and configurations while testing it too.

its freaking awesome.

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So i combined both TPGI with Volumika, here are the results

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That is actually very amazing looking!!! :star_struck:

Have you tested performance with this combination on Lower-End devices yet? :slightly_smiling_face:

performance is a bit slow even on my laptop that has, 8GB ram, Rtx3050 and intel core i5, so I doubt this would run good on lower end devices, wish there was a way to run these graphic engine things at a more core level on the GPU or something, it would definitely make them faster.

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If your looking for performance just let me cook a little longer :wink: