Traceback instances

Hello! I’ve been searching about this for long, however I can’t seem to find a straight answer nor any answers at all. It’s like, if no one has asked this before.

I wanted to ask if there’s a way to somehow, like traceback to the exact line an instance has been changed. Let’s say you get invited to a game and you have no idea where some stuff is being created from, so rather having to check every script, just get straight up pointed to what script and what line did that.

As far as I know, tracing back to the exact line where an instance is changed is not directly supported by the API.
I guess the author of the experience could do some debugging print statements or use the Changed event to track changes to an instance’s properties.
Or you can use Breakpoints to identify the source of the change.

Well that is sad then. I tried most of these things, but yet again, that either doesn’t work or it requires you going through all scripts 1 by 1.