Tracer Motion blur

Hey, so I’m currently working on a Tactical Shooter game, and I’m focusing on implementing a “tracer” system. However, I need help with one specific aspect: having the tracers follow the camera. I’m not entirely sure how to explain it, but you can see what I mean by watching this video:

Something similar to this: (Some might consider it a minor detail, but in the long run, it adds a lot to the overall experience.)

Also i tried referencing my tracer code on FEGK but the code there was so messy i gave up and i tried doing it myself but im bad at maths and all i did was a messy trail system that didnt work with rotation and didnt look good

i hope someone replies quick.


Bumping this post as I also can’t figure out the math behind this, pretty sure it’s called tracer motion blur or something

Bumping this again since I’d also love to know how this is done.

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i ALSO want to know how this was done cause i dont know how to do this

Really need to know how to do this. Been trying to do it for months.